WorkshopsRDD 2024 will feature our signature Workshops on Tuesday May 7, 2024 presented by our Conference Supporters and Workshop Presenters.

Workshops provide the opportunity to present practical and interactive demonstrations of innovative technologies, products, capabilities and services. Workshops must incorporate technical details and not be overly commercial.

Each workshop will last 60 minutes (including demonstration and questions) and should be designed for small groups of 10–40 delegates to encourage audience interaction. Each workshop will be repeated three times to ensure that delegates have the greatest opportunity to attend their preferred selections.

To expand your reach further, companies have the option to produce a shorter 30-minute on-demand presentation that will be available to all delegates from May 5 to June 30, 2024. On-demand presentations merge seamlessly in our online Knowledge Spaces. When attendees seek out presentations of interest, they will stumble across related content. There is no limit to how many on-demand workshop presentations a delegate can watch.

Workshop Presentations at RDD 2024

Empowering the Path to Clinical: Innovative Strategies for De-Risking Product Development
Will Ganley, Jonathan Mulpas and Sara Pinto
Manufacturing pMDIs using Ultra-low Global Warming Potential Propellant HFO-1234ze(E)
Nick Atkinson and Gregory Smith
Build Your Own Soft Mist Inhaler
Herbert Wachtel, Kai Berkenfeld, David Stadermann and Sitaram Velaga
Practical Considerations for Development and Scale-up of Spray Dried Inhalation Powders
Alan Watts and Thomas Lund
Automating Inhaled and Nasal Product Testing: Lower Variability, Higher Productivity
Clair Brooks and Matthew Fenn
A Modular Approach to Understand the Design Space of a Capsule-Based High-performance DPI
Anselm Ebert and Mirjam Kobler
Nasal Powders: Enhancing Formulation and Device Synergy
Dina Morais and Claudia Costa
Exploring In Vitro Only Bioequivalence Pathways for Generic Nasal Suspensions
Ben Stafford and Chris Vernall
Considering a Green pMDI?: Q&A to Navigate an Evolving Regulatory Landscape
Andy Burns, Ann Purrington, Nick Smalley and Jon Walder
Integrated Carrier-Based Formulation Development: Process and Performance Considerations
Beatriz Noriega Fernandes
Blending Optimization in Multi-Component DPI Formulations
Rebekka Spellerberg and Stefano Biserni
A New Approach to Optimize Delivery Performance and Treatment Time in Breath-Triggered Nebulizers
Michael Hahn and Rupa Ram

On-Demand Workshop Presentation Guidelines: Please submit by April 12, 2024

Your narrated on-demand presentation should be approximately 30 minutes. It will be available to all delegates, and should work as a standalone presentation and as a complement to your more comprehensive workshop. PowerPoint includes a recording function (instructions below) to easily add narration but you are welcome to use alternative technologies.

Step 1. Make slides in 16 x 9 format.

  • Slide 1 should include your Title (exactly the same as your Workshop proposal) / Presenter(s) / Company(s) / and optionally, Contact Information, Presenter(s) Photo
  • Slide 2 should show your Workshop objectives
  • Include a short background and introduction
  • Emphasize your methods, technology or service
  • Describe your data and insights and highlight their significance
  • Aim for not more than 30 slides in total.
  • Avoid complex backgrounds, logos or slide designs which take up too much room and detract from the information you are presenting. Some delegates may watch your presentation on a small screen.
    • Use plain fonts such as Arial and ensure text is legible on a tablet or monitor. Use the largest font possible for maximum visibility (no smaller than 18 point is recommended).
    • Ensure the axes on graphs are clearly labeled. Thicken lines and use highly visible colors and/or symbols to differentiate among data sets. Provide a key. Do not include graphic elements you will not discuss.
    • Figures and photographs should be clearly visible.
    • Avoid ‘busy’ slides packed with text or numbers. Instead stick to a few key points.

Step 2. Add your voice-over narration

This How-To-Video supplements the summary below. Please practice your timing before recording your presentation.

  • Prepare to record in a quiet location.
  • Open the presentation and click the Slide Show tab.
  • Check your microphone is set up correctly. A headset generally produces the best quality audio. Video recording is not recommended.
  • Select the slide where you want the recording to begin then click Record Slide Show and start talking.
  • Click End Show to stop recording.
  • A Save dialog box appears. Click Yes to save your recording, or No if you want to record it again. Saving overwrites anything you've previously recorded. It is possible to re-record individual slides.
  • Click Play from Start to preview or review your recording.

Step 3. Submit your file.

Send your final PowerPoint (.pptx) file to before April 12, 2024.

Send your final PowerPoint (.pptx) file

If the file is too large to e-mail, your organization may have a preferred file transfer protocol (FTP), but if not, we recommend using

Workshop Guidelines

Workshop Rooms and Equipment

All workshops will be presented in meeting rooms at the JW Marriott Starr Pass. Locations of each workshop session will be prominently displayed before and during the Tuesday afternoon session, and each room will be clearly signposted, posted online and in the program booklet.

  • Workshop rooms are at least 840 ft2 (78 m2) and will be equipped at no charge with the following:
    • An 8-ft (2.4 m) screen, projector, HDMI laptop connection cable, multi-outlet power extension cord
    • Two (2) wireless microphones connected to hotel sound system
    • A table and chairs for presenters
    • Classroom seating for participants
    • Electrical outlets (120V / 60Hz). Presenters using non-US equipment must bring their own country-specific power adapters.
  • Portable floor displays, such as pull-up banners, are allowed only inside your Workshop Room. Do not hang signs on the walls.
  • You are responsible for setting up and dismantling displays and equipment.
  • Don't forget your PowerPoint slides, laptop and country-specific power adaptors. MacBook users should remember to bring adaptors to connect the projector to their computer.
  • A member of the RDD team will be on hand during the workshop sessions to assist and answer questions.
  • If your equipment will be shipped on a pallet or in a crate, or if it generates noise, raises safety issues or requires special services (for example, consumes in excess of 5 amps or requires compressed gas), please email the organizers with details in advance ( We will attempt to obtain the necessary approvals on your behalf and advise on likely costs.
  • Workshop presenters should have a list of tracking numbers (or bills of lading) in case their packages are not delivered as expected.

Set-Up and Removal of Workshop Materials

  • The set-up time for your room and equipment is Tuesday, May 7, from 8:30 AM to 12:00 PM.
  • Everything should be removed by Tuesday, May 7, 6:30 PM.
  • You are responsible for organizing the packing and outgoing shipment of your equipment. Conference participants may use the hotel’s loading dock to facilitate outgoing shipments with a carrier service. See Shipping Instructions with the JW Marriott Starr Pass’ Fee Schedule.

Workshop Briefing Meeting

A Workshop Briefing meeting will be held on Monday May 6, 6.30 PM to review procedures and answer any questions.

Responsibilities of Workshop Presenters

  • The organization and cost for transport, handling and insurance (during transport to and at the JW Marriott Starr Pass) for any equipment and materials. Please review Shipping Instructions.
  • Equipment installation and dismantling, including the provision of tools and packaging supplies.
  • Clean-up of workshop rooms. Fees may be assessed by the hotel if they determine additional cleaning is needed.
  • Safe keeping of valuables left in workshop rooms. The hotel will lock workshop rooms on request but we suggest removal of high-value items when you are not present. Neither RDD Online nor the JW Marriott Starr Pass assumes any responsibility for property loss, damage, personal injury or other claims related to workshop spaces or presentations.

Shipping Instructions

Please ensure anyone shipping packages to the JW Marriott Starr Pass on your behalf receives a copy of these instructions. JW Marriott Starr Pass uses PostNet, located in the onsite business center, to coordinate Shipping and Receiving.

PostNet Shipping & Receiving Contact: Magda Good ( / 520-791-6140
Shipping and Receiving hours are 8:00 am–5:00 pm Monday through Friday.


Shipments should be timed to arrive between Monday, April 29, and Friday, May 3, 2024. Packages arriving outside these dates may be subject to additional PostNet storage fees as shown at the end of this document.


Handling and storage fees will be levied and collected by PostNet for incoming and outgoing packages. If you are staying at the JW Marriott Starr Pass, charges will be added to your room. If not, PostNet will request payment by credit card according to the PostNet fee schedule.


Please attach a Main Shipping Label and Auxiliary Shipping Label to each box clearly showing the following information:


RDD 2024 does not accept responsibility for items delayed, lost, or damaged in transit to or from the JW Marriott Starr Pass.

  • Shipments will be brought to your exhibit table, poster location, or workshop room.
  • All international shipments are subject to customs inspection. Please ensure sufficient time for customs clearance and include “Items for trade demonstration and re-export” on the Auxiliary Shipping Label and documentation.
  • Transport and custom charges are the responsibility of the sender. Neither RDD nor the JW Marriott Starr Pass will pay transport or customs fees. Please ensure all transport and customs fees are prepaid.
  • Package fragile equipment carefully. Dangerous or suspicious looking materials should not be shipped to RDD 2024.
  • Oversize packages must be coordinated with PostNet in advance of delivery: Oversize packages (including pallets) are those that exceed any one or more of the following parameters: Height of 84” or taller, wider than 66”, greater than 300 pounds, requiring forklift, and others as determined by PostNet.


  • You are responsible for organizing the packing and outgoing shipment of your materials (pack a roll of tape).
  • PostNet will collect prepaid/prelabelled outgoing packages from your exhibit table, poster, or workshop room; you will not need to schedule pick-up. FedEx, USPS, UPS and DHL (International only) provide daily weekday service to the area.
  • PostNet can arrange outgoing shipments for major carriers. Please take packages to the PostNet office (they will not be picked up from your exhibit table without a prepaid label). If you do not have an account number, you will need to make payment by credit card.
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