RDD Asia 2016Until March 30, 2018, RDD actively welcomes the submission of talk titles and speaker nominations for podium presentation at RDD Asia 2018. Potential speakers who have novel data and insights, especially those consistent with the meeting topics outlined below, are invited to submit a 200-word summary of their purpose and major findings to the Organizing Committee. Each summary will be reviewed for originality, merit, and 'program fit' in RDD Asia 2018. Successful authors will be contacted in June 2018, at which time the RDD Asia 2018 program will finalized.

Preliminary RDD Asia 2018 topics will include:

  • Global Regulation of Inhaled and Nasal Drug Products
  • New Therapeutic Opportunities
  • Generic Product Development
  • Advanced Drug Delivery Technologies
  • Current Issues in Inhaled and Nasal Product Testing
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