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Inhaled Biologics: Preparing for a Future Beyond Small Molecules

Sep 4 - Sep 5
Hybrid - Washington DC and Virtual

Exploring the Future of Inhalation Drug Delivery

Sep 11 - Sep 13
University of Parma
Parma, Italy

MVIC Autumn Training 2024

Oct 14 - Oct 15
Lund, Sweden

MVIC Symposium 2024

Oct 16 - Oct 17
Medicon Valley Inhalation Consortium
Lund, Sweden

DATS German Aerosol Therapy Symposium 2024

Oct 24 - Oct 25
Das Deutsche Aerosol Therapie Symposium
Munich, Germany

RDD Asia 2024

Nov 19 - Nov 21
RDD Online
Kerala, India

Navigating the Transition to Low Global Warming Potential Propellants

Dec 4 - Dec 5
Center for Research on Complex Generics
Rockville, MD and Online

Drug Delivery to the Lungs 2024

Dec 11 - Dec 13
The Aerosol Society
Edinburgh, Scotland


RDD Europe 2025

May 6 - May 9
Aptar Pharma and RDD Online
Estoril, Portugal

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Reference bookAerosol Measurement: Principles, Techniques and Applications

Pramod Kulkarni, Paul Baron and Klaus Willeke
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Date: 2011
Edition: Third
ISBN: 978-0-470-38741-2

Reference bookAerosol Science and Technology

Parker Reist
Publisher: McGraw Hill
Date: 1993
Edition: Second
ISBN: 978-0-07-051882-7

Reference bookAerosol Technology: Properties, Behavior and Measurment of Airborne Particles

William Hinds
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Date: 1999
Edition: Second
ISBN: 978-0-471-19410-1

Reference bookControlled Pulmonary Drug Delivery

Hugh D.C. Smyth and Anthony J. Hickey
Publisher: Springer
Date: 2011
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-1-4419-9744-9

Reference bookDrug Delivery to the Lung

Hans Bisgaard, Chris O'Callaghan and Gerald Smaldone
Publisher: Marcel Dekker, Inc
Date: 2001
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-0-8247-0541-1

Reference bookDry Powder Inhalers: Formulation, Device and Characterization

Publisher: Nova
Date: 2017
ISBN: 978-1-53610-641-1

Reference bookGood Cascade Impactor Practices, AIM and EDA for Orally Inhaled Products

Editors: Terrence P. Tougas, Jolyon P. Mitchell and Svetlana A. Lyapustina
Publisher: Springer
Date: 2013
ISBN: 978-1-4614-6296-5

Reference bookInhalation Aerosols: Physical and Biological Basis for Therapy

Anthony Hickey and Heidi M. Mansour
Publisher: CRC Press
Date: 2019
Edition: Third
ISBN: 978-1-138-06479-9

Reference bookInhalation Delivery of Therapeutic Peptides and Proteins

Akwete Lex Adjei and Pramod K. Gupta
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Date: 1997
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-0-8247-9780-5

Reference bookInhalation Drug Delivery: Techniques and Products

Paolo Colombo, Daniela Traini and Francesca Buttini
Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell
Date: 2013
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-1-1183-5412-4

Reference bookIntroduction to Functional Respiratory Imaging (FRI)

Dr. Jan De Backer and Prof. Wilfried De Backer
Publisher: FLUIDDA
Date: January 2017
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-9-0826-2020-7


Dr. Rajiv Dhand, editor

Reference bookLeachables and Extractables Handbook: Safety Evaluation, Qualification, and Best Practices Applied to Inhalation Drug Products

Douglas Ball, Daniel Norwood, Cheryl Stults and Lee Nagao
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons, Inc.
Date: 2012
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-0-470-17365-7

Reference bookMetered Dose Inhaler Technology

Tol S. Purewal and David J.W. Grant
Publisher: Informa HealthCare
Date: 1997
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-1-57491-065-0

Reference bookOptimization of Aerosol Drug Delivery

Leon Gradoń and Jan Marijnissen
Publisher: Kluwer Academic Publishers
Date: 2004
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-1-4020-1651-6

Reference bookParticulate Interactions in Dry Powder Formulations for Inhalation

Xian Zeng, Gary Martin and Christopher Marriott
Publisher: Informa Healthcare
Date: 2000
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-0-7484-0960-0

Reference bookPharmaceutical Inhalation Aerosol Technology

Anthony J. Hickey and Sandro R.P. da Rocha
Publisher: CRC Press
Date: 2019
Edition: Third
ISBN: 978-0-429-05520-1

Reference bookPulmonary Pathophysiology, The Essentials

John B. West
Publisher: Wolters Kluwer
Date: 2012
Edition: Eighth
ISBN: 978-0-7817-6414-8

Reference bookRespiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory and Practice

Stephen Newman
Publisher: Davis Healthcare International Publishing
Date: 2009
Edition: First
ISBN: 1-933722-26-6

Reference bookRespiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory and Practice (Chinese Version)

Stephen Newman
Publisher: Chemical Industry Press
Date: 2011
Edition: First
ISBN: 978-7-122-10756-5

Reference bookThe Mechanics of Inhaled Pharmaceutical Aerosols, An Introduction

Warren Finlay
Publisher: Academic Press
Date: 2019
Edition: Second
ISBN: 978-0-081-02749-3


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