Conference AudienceRespiratory Drug Delivery is a premier, international conference series providing comprehensive coverage of all aspects of drug delivery to the lungs and nose. RDD® has a 35-year track record of inviting key opinion leaders to present scientific, clinical, technological, and regulatory insights of immediate and lasting value to individuals and organizations, in an environment that stimulates introductions, networking and collaboration. 

Conferences alternate annually between the United States and Europe while RDD Asia is held bienially in even years. RDD Europe and RDD Asia conferences are jointly organized by RDD and Aptar Pharma. RDD conferences have unique features, such as themed Knowledge Spaces, peer reviewed Publications accompanying most podium and poster presentations, and delegate-selectable Workshops that allow personalization of the conference experience during interactive, small group sessions. Posters on the Podium blends new and old faces during a fast-paced showcase of the most innovative, editor-selected Posters. Exhibit tables are dispersed among posters and refreshment stations ensuring all attendees frequently meet and have a place to hatch ideas. The Charles G. Thiel Award, and the VCU Peter R. Byron Graduate Student Award reward excellence in established and new researchers.

Prepare, engage, review! Publications, Company Profiles, and My RDD Messaging are online before the in-person conference opens. During the conference, real time viewing of Speakers and Explore with Experts panels, and on-demand workshops and poster presentations make RDD equally accessible to virtual delegates. Recorded speaker presentations are added to the conference website after the in-person conference ends and remain available for an extended period. Welcome to the RDD-quality conference experience.



RDD Europe 2023RDD Europe 2023

Nice (Antibes), France

RDD Europe 2019RDD Europe 2019

Lisbon, Portugal

RDD Asia 2018RDD Asia 2018

Kerala, India

RDD Europe 2017RDD Europe 2017

Nice (Antibes), France

RDD Asia 2016RDD Asia 2016

Goa, India

RDD 2016Respiratory Drug Delivery 2016

Scottsdale, Arizona

RDD Europe 2015RDD Europe 2015

Antibes, France

RDD Asia 2014RDD Asia 2014

Goa, India

RDD 2014 ProgramRespiratory Drug Delivery 2014

Fajardo, Puerto Rico

RDD Europe 2013 ProgramRDD Europe 2013

Berlin, Germany

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