Conference Evaluation

We appreciate your participation in RDD 2018 and hope you had a great conference. If you did, please tell us! If you have suggestions that will improve the utility, content or facilities at future RDD meetings tell us that, too. Thank you.

What was your role at RDD 2018?

  • Attendee
  • Speaker
  • Poster Presenter
  • Table Exhibitor

Who is your primary employer?

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How did you hear about RDD 2018?

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Meeting Format & Networking

How could we improve RDD and ensure it is your "must attend" event?

Conference Facilities

RDD 2018 Conference
JW Marriott Starr Pass
Rating Comments
These help us choose venues for future RDD meetings
Overall Quality of Service Excellent Good Acceptable Poor
Location Excellent Good Acceptable Poor
Main Auditorium Excellent Good Acceptable Poor
Poster & Table Exhibition Space Excellent Good Acceptable Poor
Breakfasts, Lunches and Receptions Excellent Good Acceptable Poor
Banquet & Dancing Excellent Good Acceptable Poor

Which of our speakers particularly impressed you? Why? Who should we invite in future?

Platinum Sponsor Seminars
Suggest ideas to improve the Platinum Sponsor Seminar session.

Platinum Seminar 10 = Great, 1 = Bad Please comment on the Platinum Sponsor Seminars you attended
Speaker Content Value

Posters & Technology Exhibition
Suggest ideas to improve networking or your meeting experience.

Website and Electronic Access to Proceedings
What improvements or new features should we consider?

What topics and speakers would you like to see included in the next RDD conference?

Please make any other comments and suggestions below. We read & consider everything you write!

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