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From Particles to Powders: Digital Approaches to Understand Structure and Performance of Inhaled Formulations

Gajjar P, Nguyen T, Styliari I, Barron V, Burnett TL, Chen X, Connell SD, Elliott JA, Hammond RB, Mahdi FM, Roberts KJ, Withers PJ, Murnane D.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2021. Volume , 2021: 87-98.


The design of a successful inhaled formulation is a complex project that requires fine tuning of processes and properties to achieve optimal performance. In this work we attempt to provide a summary from the INFORM2020 project of an all-inclusive investigation of inhalation powder blends at various levels of scrutiny. X-Ray Microscopy (XRM) is used to characterize the microstructure and the microstructural changes induced by processing, ring shear tests are used to assess the flowability of the powders and in silico molecular modeling is used to predict the morphology and inter-particle interactions that are critical to efficiently designing superior future formulations. Using this holistic characterization approach to link particle properties to successful inhaled therapies, we hope future dry powder inhalation formulation projects will leave the realm of mysterious art and become firmly science based.

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