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The Re-usable Respimat® Soft Mist Inhaler: An Effective Propellant-Free Inhaler Platform

Wachtel H, Bambach T, Kattenbeck S, Meisenheimer M, Jost I, Weiland F.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2020. Volume 1, 2020: 195-204.


The re-usable Respimat® represents an example of continued improvement and consideration of patient-centric development, as well as the importance of corporate environmental responsibility. The all-mechanical operating principle of Respimat eliminates the need for any propellants. In addition, the re-usable format is designed for use with up to six cartridges per inhaler, decreasing the environmental burden compared with the single-use Respimat by reducing material and energy consumption during production and avoidance of waste over the whole product life cycle. Product carbon footprint analyses indicate that the environmental impact of the re-usable Respimat may be lower than that of some new dry powder inhalers.

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