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Nasal Sumatriptan: Deposition and Pharmacokinetic Effect of an Absorption Enhancer in Non-Human Primates

Kuehl PJ, Barrett EG, Cox J, Hammond B, Rudolph K, Suman JD, Williams G, Vermillion M.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2020. Volume 1, 2020: 165-174.


Non-clinical models to evaluate nose-to-brain delivery are lacking. This article describes a non-clinical non-human primate (NHP) model developed to address this gap. The model was evaluated with three marketed formulations of sumatriptan delivered from platform liquid and powder nasal devices. The model utilizes the NHP to deliver therapeutics systemically and intranasally (liquid and dry powders), collect serial blood and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) samples and perform quantifications for the model compound. The model will enable the ability to quantify differences in nose to brain delivery in a non-clinical in vivo setting.

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