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Liposomal Nanocrystalline Ciprofloxacin Powders: Manipulating Delivery and Release through Formulation and Processing

Chan H, Khatib I, Khanal D, Ruan J, Cipolla DC, Dayton F, Blanchard JD.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2020. Volume 1, 2020: 81-90.


The manufacture of controlled-release inhalation products for respiratory infections is an emerging priority in the pharmaceutical industry. Appropriately-designed controlled-release products using liposomes to modify the pharmacokinetics can simplify the dosing regimen, enhance patient compliance and improve therapeutic effects. Currently, the only approved liposomal pharmaceutical product for inhalation, an inhaled liposomal amikacin suspension (Arikayce, Insmed, Bridgewater, USA), is formulated in an aqueous format and delivered using a vibrating membrane nebulizer. A dry powder formulation has the potential to improve patient convenience by reducing the administration time. We have explored a novel nanomedicine technology using nanocrystals in liposomes to design new composite particles to enable optimal release of antibiotics delivered by inhalation for better bacterial killing. The new particle engineering technology produces stable powder formulations which are dispersible and have a prolonged drug release profile.

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