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Tuberculosis Therapy and Prophylaxis: Conquering the Delivery Problems with Inhaled Vaccines and Phages

Vehring R.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2020. Volume 1, 2020: 17-24.


Increasing antimicrobial resistance will lead to sharply increased mortality and enormous economic damage in the coming decades. Efforts to develop effective interventions against multi-drug resistant bacteria must be accelerated. Tuberculosis (TB) is of particular concern globally due to the large number of infected individuals. Strategies to curb the spread of this airborne disease include reducing the infectiousness of persons suffering from tuberculosis, either by curative therapy or by prevention of disease progression, and also decreasing the susceptibility of an exposed individual. This paper reports on the development of a thermostable, inhalable vaccine for tuberculosis and demonstrates the prophylactic potential of inhaled mycobacteriophages, with a particular focus on the design of appropriate delivery systems.

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