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Phage Therapy for Pulmonary Infections: The Challenges of Choosing, Growing, and Purifying Phage for Clinical Use

Chan BK, Koff JL, Turner PE.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2020. Volume 1, 2020: 9-16.


The precipitous rise in antimicrobial resistance worldwide has necessitated the development of new and alternative approaches to manage antimicrobial resistant infections. This is especially the case in pulmonary infections, with cystic fibrosis having a high prevalence of antibiotic drug resistant infections. One approach to treatment, phage therapy, has recently shown promise in several ‘compassionate use’ cases. As this field matures and is tested, it will be important to focus on several challenges in the clinical development pipeline. Here, we describe early challenges that should be considered prior to clinical deployment of phage therapy.

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