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Comparing Aerosol Size Distributions that Penetrate Mouth-Throat Models Under Realistic Inhalation Conditions

Olsson B, Berg E, Svensson M.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2010. Volume 1, 2010: 225-234.


The association between the quality and quantity of aerosols penetrating a range of realistic throat models has been investigated and compared to a standard impactor inlet throat for a number of different pharmaceutical aerosols. Realistic inhalation conditions were chosen depending on the inhaler being tested so that aerodynamic size distributions exiting the throat were likely representative of those entering the lungs. Where realistic inhalation flow rate versus time curves were employed, a mixing inlet method is described to introduce aerosols into a cascade impactor; this successfully enables the size distributions of aerosols exiting the throat at variable flow rates to be determined and compared.

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