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Stepping into the Trachea with Realistic Physical Models: Uncertainties in Regional Drug Deposition from Powder Inhalers

Byron PR, Delvadia RR, Longest P, Hindle M.

Respiratory Drug Delivery 2010. Volume 1, 2010: 215-224.


Predicting total lung deposition (TLD or the dose entering the trachea) now appears possible for inhalers by linking in vitro tests with realistic mouth-throat models to the inhalation maneuvers used by patients. Unfortunately, one of several problems remaining is the prediction of regional lung deposition that depends on both airway geometry and breathing maneuvers. This paper addresses this problem and offers a possible in vitro approach that allows the fractionation of the delivered doses from albuterol sulfate powder aerosols into mouth-throat, trachea & major bronchii, and lower airway fractions, following delivery from commercially available Novolizer™ inhalers. Deposition is described in a single realistic physical model following cloud formation using different, but representative, flow rate versus time profiles.

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