Respiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory & Practice
by Stephen Newman

Providing a systematic treatment of topics, discussion of the latest technologies, extensive references, and clear explanations and figures, Respiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory & Practice, by Stephen Newman enables the reader to master the fundamentals of inhaled drug delivery.

Dr. Newman and his collaborators share many years of combined expertise, making this book invaluable to students, scientists and clinicians working in diverse disciplines to improve the delivery of drugs to the lungs.

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English Version


Chinese Translation


“Steve Newman has done a wonderful job pulling together key concepts and data without the duplication common in multi-author books, and in so-doing has simplified understanding of the ideas and innovations of the last 50 years up to the present. Respiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory & Practice should be of value to government regulators, academic researchers and anyone involved with the respiratory drug delivery industry – from technicians to the CEO.”

Charlie Thiel, 3M Drug Delivery Systems (retired)

Contents include:

  • Background to Pulmonary Drug Delivery
  • Aerosol Properties and Deposition
  • In vitro Assessment of Inhaled Products
  • In vivo Assessment of Pulmonary Drug Delivery
  • Nebulizers
  • Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers
  • Additional Technology for Pressurized Metered Dose Inhalers
  • Dry Powder Inhalers
  • Emerging Inhaler Technologies
  • Drugs for Topical & Systemic Delivery by the Pulmonary Route

Respiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory & Practice coordinates with a series of online presentations and quizzes available on this web site to augment and document learning.

A review of Respiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory and Practice, David Cipolla, Aradigm.