Smoking Cessation Approach Via Deep Lung Delivery of Clean Nicotine

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Gonda I, Bruinenberg P, Mudumba S, Cipolla DC.

RDD Europe 2009. Volume 1, 2009: 57-62.


Tobacco smoking has a devastating impact on global human health and healthcare expenditure. The limited success of currently marketed “nicotine replacement therapies” (NRTs) to enable tobacco smoking cessation is likely to be, at least in part, the result of inadequate treatment of craving for the pleasurable effects that smokers experience following rapid absorption of nicotine from the deep lung after inhaling cigarette smoke. To address this need, we started developing a tobacco smoking cessation treatment based on aqueous solutions of nicotine delivered as an inhaled bolus using our AERx Essence® palm-size inhaler (1). Our initial data in smokers demonstrate that inhaled nicotine from this system is rapidly absorbed into the arterial blood stream (2, 3). Surprisingly, although nicotine elimination from the blood stream is fast after this mode of delivery, the craving for cigarettes is reduced for at least 4 hours suggesting that deep lung delivery of aqueous solutions of nicotine may be an effective way to eliminate or reduce the craving for cigarettes and other tobacco products and thus assist in smoking cessation therapy. The dose proportionality of the system also affords adjustable reductions in peak plasma concentrations of nicotine, for the purpose of “weaning” smokers off nicotine altogether.

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