Realistic Throat Models

Realistic throat models developed and validated by Virginia Commonwealth University have been adapted for easy use with the Next Generation Impactor (NGI) and Andersen Cascade Impactor (ACI) and are available in three sizes to permit realistic in vitro testing. These models retain the internal geometry of the original VCU throats but feature an NGI or ACI connection at the trachea (downstream) while the inlet (upstream) accepts the same sized inhaler mouthpiece adaptor used in conjunction with the United States Pharmacopeia throat inlet.

All models are constructed of robust plastic and lightly frosted inside to permit coating with artificial mucus.

The Medium Mouth-Throat geometry was developed and described in:

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Purchasers assume responsibility for use of these model throats since RDD does not warrant that they are appropriate for particular experimental applications.


  • VTN S: Small VCU Realistic Throat Model for NGI
  • VTN M: Medium VCU Realistic Throat Model for NGI
  • VTN L: Large VCU Realistic Throat Model for NGI

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