About Respiratory Drug Delivery, RDD®

Respiratory Drug Delivery, RDD® addresses all emerging issues surrounding drug delivery to the lung and nose.


Conferences held in the United States, Europe and Asia provide a venue for expert speakers to cover topics including: new therapeutic opportunities and drug delivery technologies, novel in vitro, in vivo and clinical testing methods, and regulatory science. Extensive networking opportunities in relaxed surroundings are a hallmark of RDD meetings which attract opinion leaders and delegates from all over the world. Scientific Poster Sessions and a concurrent Technology Exhibition allow academics, senior industrial scientists, business professionals, and regulators to exchange views with representatives from branded and generic companies, CROs and allied equipment, ingredient and service suppliers – many of whom consider RDD their most important show of the year. Posters on the Podium showcases the most innovative presentations during a special session on the conference floor, while European meetings feature interactive Workshop Sessions. At US meetings the Charles G. Thiel Award is presented to a scientist who has pioneered significant developments in pulmonary drug delivery. The VCU RDD Peter R. Byron Graduate Student Award is awarded to a graduate student for excellence in research, and understanding and defense of work at RDD conferences.

RDD frequently coordinates meetings and sessions with special interest groups such as the Inhalation and Nasal Technology Focus Group of the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists, the International Society for Aerosol in Medicine, and the Product Quality Research Institute in an attempt to maximize delegate participation in important issues.


rddonline.com provides 24/7 access to online training presentations with inbuilt assessment questions making them suitable for industrial, regulatory and academic training. Respiratory Drug Delivery: Essential Theory and Practice is the first textbook published by RDD Online®. It has been purchased by companies and regulatory agencies worldwide, and is one of the first pulmonary drug delivery books to coordinate with supplemental online training materials.


The widely cited, peer reviewed, professionally produced proceedings of RDD meetings are distributed to all meeting registrants, and 2,361 papers covering RDD's 30 year history are available to anyone from a searchable database at rddonline.com. This focused body of literature rivals journal and periodicals in terms of the breadth, quality and impact, and is augmented by voice-over slide presentations of key regulatory topics recorded at RDD Special Forum sessions.


RDD Online also supplies USP/EP compliant Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus (DUSAs) for MDIs and DPIs as well as the Nephele patented mixing inlets, which allow representative aerosol sampling and constant airflow though a cascade impactor while flow profiles through an inhaler are varied.


A comprehensive searchable directory of companies and academic institutions working on inhaled products, regulatory documents, open job postings, and a calendar of upcoming meetings are regularly updated.