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RDD Europe 2011 (2011)

ISBN: Book 1: 1-933722-50-9; Book 2: 1-933722-51-7

Editors: R.N. Dalby, P.R. Byron, J. Peart, J.D. Suman, and P.M. Young

Copyright© 2011 by Virginia Commonwealth University. All rights reserved. Subject to fair use provisions of United States Copyright Law, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Please address permission requests or inquiries about excerpted or customized reprints of five or more copies to RDD Online.

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1. Genetics and Environment: Their Influence on Rational Drug Therapy for Asthma
Adnan Custovic, Angela Simpson
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 1-10

2. The Discovery of Vilanterol Based on Structure-Activity Relationships (SAR) and the Antedrug Approach
Panayiotis A Procopiou
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 11-20

3. Indacaterol: Ultra LABA Selection and Properties - A Pharmacologic Viewpoint
Alexandre Trifilieff
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 21-28

4. Efficacy and Safety of ASM8: An Anticytokine Oligonucleotide Combination in Allergic Asthmatics
Gail M Gauvreau, Paul M O'Byrne
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 29-40

5. Liposomes, Niosomes and Proniosomes - A Critical Update of Their Development as Inhaled Products
David C Cipolla, Tom Redelmeier, Simon J Eastman, Paul Bruinenberg, Igor Gonda
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 41-54

6. Device Engineering Insights into TOBI Podhaler: A Development Case Study of High Efficiency Powder Delivery to Cystic Fibrosis Patients
David S Maltz, Stephen J Paboojian
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 55-66

7. Truth in Sizing Electrostatic Effects and Cascade Impactors
Megha Mohan, Samir C Vinchurkar, P. Worth Longest, Peter R Byron, Joanne Peart
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 67-78

8. In Vitro Techniques Equipped to Study Clinically Relevant Controlled Release Products
Paul M Young, Daniela Traini, Rania O Salama
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 79-88

9. Predicting HFA-MDI Dose Retention Properties: Engineering the Marriage between Canisters, Valves and Formulations
David A Lewis, Helen O'Shea, Rob Johnson, Tanya Church
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 89-100

10. A New Co-Suspension MDI Platform: Scientific Foundations of Mono, Dual and Triple Combination Products
David Lechuga-Ballesteros, Reinhard Vehring, Sarvajna K Dwivedi
RDD Europe 2011 (2011), Vol 1, pp 101-112