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RDD Europe 2009 (2009)

ISBN: Volume I, 1-933722-30-4; Volume II, 1-933722-31-2

Editors: R.N. Dalby, P.R. Byron, J. Peart, J.D. Suman, and P.M. Young

Copyright© 2009 by Virginia Commonwealth University. All rights reserved. Subject to fair use provisions of United States Copyright Law, no part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system, or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise, without written permission from Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA. Please address permission requests or inquiries about excerpted or customized reprints of five or more copies to RDD Online.

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1. The Airway Circulation: A New Therapeutic Target in Airway Disease
Adam Wanner
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 1-14

2. Beta Blockers and Beta Agonists in Asthma - Unraveling a Paradox
Richard A Bond, Ozozoma Omoluabi, Long P Nguyen
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 15-24

3. Fibrinolytic Therapy for Acute Lung Injury: The Case for Inhaled Tissue Plasminogen Activator (tPA)
Kathleen A Stringer
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 25-34

4. Inhaled Antibiotics: Why TOBI and Other Aminoglycosides Have Such Clinical Importance
M T Newhouse, Renee Labiris, Andreas Freitag
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 35-48

5. Respiratory Antivirals - Drugs, Vaccines and Novel Therapies
Sally-Ann Cryan, Ciara Kelly, Sunday A Shoyele
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 49-56

6. Smoking Cessation Approach Via Deep Lung Delivery of Clean Nicotine
Igor Gonda, Paul Bruinenberg, Sujata Mudumba, David C Cipolla
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 57-62

7. Building Quality into the Manufacture of Powder Inhalation Systems
Jukka Rantanen, Marja Savolainen
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 63-72

8. Using PAT to Tune Mill Processes: Optimizing the Particle Size Distribution of APIs
Paul G Kippax
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 73-82

9. Narrowing the DDCU Window for HFA pMDIs: In-Line Testing on Two Stage pMDI Filling Lines
Paul P Sullivan
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 83-94

10. Dry Powder Inhalers: Factors Associated with Device Misuse
Siegfried Wieshammer, Jens Dreyhaupt
RDD Europe 2009 (2009), Vol 1, pp 95-104