Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus for Metered Dose Inhalers

The Dosage Unit Sampling Apparatus (DUSA) for MDIs complies with USP Chapter <601> and EP Chapter <0671> specifications.

The standard collection tube and associated caps are manufactured from Dupont™ Delrin® (inert, resistant to most solvents, no extractables) with fluorinated ethylene propylene (FEP) encapsulated silicone o-ring seals which virtually eliminate leakage and extractables with the majority of drug recovery solvent systems.

Caps are quick-seal, ¼ turn to full positive stop, which are easy to assemble/disassemble reproducibly, independent of the torque applied by the technician.

The sample collection tube is supplied with a filter support assembly that accommodates a 25 mm diameter filter, reliably produces an airtight seal, and readily connects to a vacuum pump via a hose barb.

DUSA for MDIs Starter Kit

The DUSA for MDIs Starter Kit (NE-M001) consists of:

  • One collection tube
  • One filter support assembly
  • One cap (with FEP encapsulated silicone seal) with hose barb to connect to a flow meter, which permits easy setting and confirmation of the target airflow rate prior to use of the DUSA.
  • Two rinsing caps (with FEP encapsulated silicone seals)
  • A starter pack of 25 mm glass fiber filters

In practice, most companies usually find it convenient and more efficient to supplement the starter kit described above with additional collection tubes and rinsing caps. In this mode of experimentation, the same filter support assembly can be used respectively with multiple DUSA’s to achieve faster sample preparation.

Custom Actuator Adaptors

Custom molded actuator adaptors are available upon request to ensure a positive, reproducible seal and correct placement of the actuator mouthpiece at the upstream opening of the DUSA. Customers must supply a sample actuator in order for us to fabricate a custom adaptor. Knowing your approximate rinsing solvent allows us to suggest the most compatible molding material.


  • NE-M001: DUSA for MDIs Starter Kit
  • NE-M002: Collection tube plus two rinsing caps (with FEP encapsulated silicone seals)
  • NE-M003: Two rinsing caps (with FEP encapsulated silicone seals)
  • NE-M004: Filter support assembly
  • NE-M005: Cap (with FEP encapsulated silicone seal) with hose barb
  • NE-M006: Set of 10 FEP Encapsulated Silicone Seals
  • NE-M007: Set of 10 Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE) Seals for existing Nephele customers who prefer to retain the sealing system supplied with early versions of DUSA tubes
  • NE-M008: Pack of 500 25 mm Glass Fiber Filters

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