Respiratory Drug Delivery (RDD®) is a series of independent, academically organized, international symposia focusing on the development and commercialization of pulmonary and nasal pharmaceutical products, metered dose inhalers, dry powder inhalers and aqueous spray products.

“We get a 'commercialized' perception from industry regarding the many delivery technologies and devices in development, so it’s truly invaluable to hear directly from academics and researchers in the field."

Dr. Sugato De from FDA’s CDRH division

RDD, organized by Peter R. Byron, Richard N. Dalby, Joanne Peart and Sian Byron, is recognized to be one of the premier international meetings in this area.

RDD conferences are designed for academic and industrial scientists involved in the development, investigation, preparation and delivery of old and new therapeutic entities by aerosol systems.  Individual sessions are targeted towards scientists working in biotechnology, pharmacology, in-vivo and in-vitro testing, quality assurance and regulatory affairs.

Top-quality speakers and panelists provide innovative perspectives on regulatory and scientific policies worldwide.

Scientific Poster Sessions allow device and equipment designers and component suppliers to present their latest developments alongside scientific posters from the aerosol community.

Particularly innovative poster abstracts are selected to be presented as short podium presentations in the main auditorium during a special "Posters on the Podium" session.

RDD meetings' Technology Exhibition brings together representatives of the world’s pharmaceutical companies active in the nasal and pulmonary areas with their suppliers, service providers and regulators in a relaxed atmosphere that facilitates easy communication.

The Charles G. Thiel Award is awarded at each US RDD conference to a scientist who has pioneered a significant development in the area of Respiratory Drug Delivery.

RDD Europe 2005 marked the transition to annual meetings alternating between the US and Europe. European conferences allow twelve companies to provide in-depth descriptions of their products and services during half-day Workshop sessions. European conferences are co-organized with Aptar Pharma.